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The fastest working wish spells on the Earth

Have you thought of casting a wish spell, love spell or any other relationship spell? You might have been in deep trouble in that relationship. But, before I go deep into the motivations for casting a spell, allow me first talk about what a spell is. A wish spell is a short text that expresses what you want to achieve through the manipulation of occult powers.

Spells do not work according to the law of cause and effect.

Look at this scenario: you come back from school or workplace and you discover a note written by your father stating – “Do not forget to wash the car”. He has written a text with which he wants to achieve something. However, it is not a spell. With a spell, you perform certain magical actions which will allow you to generate power. Once this power is generated, the desired situation that you express in the wish spell becomes a reality.

So, how can one make a wish spell or any other type of spell?

Currently, there are books that have written spells in them. For those who feel that they are short of the magical acumen for a spell, spells casters are there to help them. Sometimes, others can also create their own spell, depending on the level of their magical ability. To make the power of the wish spell bigger, it is best to make a spell that rhymes and has a smooth running rhythm so that you can pronounce it a number of times in succession. Repetition is also important.

Remember that all words must be accompanied with actions

A wish spell is best activated with a ritual. This is one of the most difficult parts that most beginners fail to grasp. Some of them may not be in position to get the required materials necessary for the casting of the spell. Some elaborate rituals require ingredients that might necessitate making a journey or flying to the destination where it is. For example, there are some ingredients that can only be found in China or Brazil. This would therefore mean going to someone who has been doing these wish spells in order to use the exact ingredients.

Finally, you have to take some precautions

In the first place, you should not use a wish spell to harm another person. Do that only when you feel it is necessary. As Wiccans, we have the rule of life: “Do for others what you would want them do for you”. Secondly, never cast a wish spell on the behalf of another person without their express request. Using magic on a person who has not solicited your help may mean interfering with the freewill of that person.

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