For many years now, physical appearance and attractiveness has been found to affect the way people judge and have personal opinions about others. This is not just a case with the strangers we meet on a daily basis, but it even stretches to interactions we have with people we know well, including colleagues, friends and family.
Individuals, both men and women alike, are treated differently based on the extent of their physical attraction. Attractive people are given more attention and judged more positively above and over unattractive fellows. Physical looks have a very big influence on our everyday lives. Whether intentionally or unintentionally; we treat people we perceive as attractive differently from those we perceive as less attractive.
Attractive people are afforded more personal space, more trusted with secrets, more likely to win arguments and better in an all-round ways in comparison to less attractive individuals. There is not always objectivity in the appreciation of beauty as the people we even expect to be fairer equally succumb to these pressures of value judgment.
Beautiful people are happier. For handsome men, there are some extra kicks in form of economic benefits like increased wages. On the other hand, beautiful women are more likely find joy just looking at themselves in the mirror. To women, beauty is inherently important. They (women) generally feel bad if they are ugly.
The quest for good looks is what drives several huge industries today. There is a financial power in beauty and like many other desirable products, beauty is in short supply. On the same note, its scarcity commands its price. Looking beautiful or handsome is success in marriage. If you want to be loved by a handsome or beautiful individual, you need to be beautiful in order to achieve that.
For those who have tried cosmetics but still failed to look good or handsome, nature and the gods haven’t totally ignored you. Women who want to become more attractive and absolutely magnetic to men need to cast a Venus attraction love spell. This spell is supposed to be cast on a Friday evening. Follow the procedures below to achieve your dreams.
• Venus oil
The procedure
• On a Friday night; mix Jasmine, a drop of lavender, red rose, Ylang ylang oils and a bit of musk.
• Smear this concoction on your body before meeting a man or woman.
• This oil is majorly recommended for women wishing to attract or seduce men. However, men too can try their luck.

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