South Africa is a country of miracles and I believe that the main reason to all this is money. People want money and they don’t know how to get it. And I ask myself that wasn’t it the same South Africa that our elders lived in and they didn’t do all these things for money? If it was then why don’t we ask ourselves that what has changed? What is it that our ancestors and elders did that we are not doing today? And I am surprised that even those who are supposed to lead by example, they cannot. The leaders are the one using our money unproductively and are the ones expecting us to let them, lead us. The issue of money has affected a lot including love and protection.

There is no real and true love because of money. People lack protection and there are several attacks all over just because of money. People don’t have money and they start doing all stupid things you can think off. Women out there are leaving their husbands at home and go and cheat with their employees for money, the young beautiful girls have turned into prostitutes and their giving their pride to strangers for money, some are even doing it live in pornography and the videos are all over for money, learners are having sex at school with their teachers for money and they say the cheaters is supposed to be the represent the parent at school. I won’t go deep into that but I want to talk about money.

Crime and corruption are on their highest level. Our leaders are having all the money to themselves. Jobs are now given to friends or the relatives. Tenders are only got those who have got certain connections. And jealousy is very effective in nowadays. Some people are trying others are destroying. People are building their businesses, others are stealing there. People are buying their property; others are stealing and selling them again. And the way we are desperate for money we don’t even care how someone else fells like when we do certain things. Artists, actors are doing their good job for money but people are copying those CDs and are selling them at a low price for them to benefit on someone else’s hard work.

I’m hereby urging South Africans to start looking at the brighter side. This is not how it’s done. Let’s go back and do what our elders did for money and survival. It’s only cultural and traditional things that can help us in this situation. Money spells are there. There is absolutely no need to do all these things. Come to your best spell caster and ask for your chosen money spell and you can contribute in changing this country.


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