Knowing for sure that your partner is cheating is one of the most stressful things. A cheating spouse can cause distress and misery. The good news is there are ways to address the issue. The first step in the healing process is admitting there is a problem and if you are reading this, then chances are that you have already realized the deception.

You don’t need to blame yourself first. There is no conflict free marriage and nobody is perfect. Most people tend to be the culprits. However, the fact that you have flaws and imperfections like any other human being is not an excuse for infidelity. Secondly, make a difficult decision whether to forgive or move on. Do not rush this decision. Take some time and space to clear your mind and think calmly. Do not let others influence your decision.

Most importantly, give yourself time to heal. It is emotionally draining to discover that the person you love has deceived him. Find someone to talk to, either a therapist or just a good friend. Make sure the person is impartial and unbiased. You need support and encouragement at this time of his life. Remember that time heals all wounds.

However, some partners tend to make cheating a habit. When you realize that your partner is seeing someone else again and feel that your world is now falling apart and ending, slowly consumed by anger and despair, cast a love spell to separate them. Never allow helplessness, and a range of emotions to consume your soul because you will lose tranquility. The love spell below can be cast by anyone, regarded that the person has some experience in spell casting.

Casting Love Spells effectively

– Hair of the person targeted in the spell
– 7 drops of your most prized lotion
– 1 piece of white silk
– 1 white candle
– Red rose petals
The process
– This Ritual must be performed during the full moon phase using a snow white silk cloth.
– Tie two knots on the silk to represent the magical union between him and you.
– Put the hair and the rose petals in the cloth.
– Light the candle and allow it to burn until the wax runs out. While the candle burns, say the following words with the utmost concentration.

(… Name of person…), It is my desire that you leave my man or woman and let him/her come back to me immediately. As you (my wife/my husband) has always been by my side, so will you forever be and it must be so.

If you have the name of the person, the better. Instead of using a pronoun to refer to him or her, it is essential that you get to know the person spoiling your wife or husband. You can add as many words as you want to the incantation. However, remember that concentration and meditation is highly essential.

After the above, tie the piece of cloth like a doll and soak it in premixed lotions. Then bury it in a cemetery or rubbish dumping ground.

The white cloth/silk is symbolic of purity that you would like to reinstate in your relationship. The rose petals have the esoteric power to rekindle passion that will help revive your relationship and the lotion is meant to attract.

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