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Spells And Rituals That Work Cast During The Halloween Night

samhain rituals are very powerful and can open a chapter in life

Halloween is the New Year of the Witches. Another name for Halloween is Samhain, which means “end of summer”. In the pagan Celtic wheel, it corresponds to a Northern Hemisphere holiday. It is above the Equator where they begin to go towards winter, night, and it is the moment in which nature shows its darkest and deepest side: an inward turn, a spectral cold that connects with other worlds and brings us back to the death. Synchronically with this natural cyclical moment, it is a festivity of honor to the dead and ancestors. It is at this time that Samhain rituals for the solitary witch can be cast.

The Halloween night has the most magical powers

The most effective Samhain rituals for the solitary witch are here. Did you know that Halloween night is one of the most marked in the esoteric calendar? If you did not know, we would like to tell you that Halloween night is the most powerful. This is the night during which our fallen ancestors come back to visit us. By invoking their spirits, they can come and help us achieve many things in life.

Samhain rituals for the solitary witch to guide our deceased relatives

The night of October 31 blurs the border between the living and the dead. Those loved ones who are no longer with us can visit us on this magical night and bring us a message that comforts us of their loss. To guide them on their way and give them light, white candles will be placed next to their photo, and a small altar will be prepared in which white flowers will be added. Burning candles during this Samhain ritual for the solitary witch should be done carefully in order to avoid accidents.

Simple Chestnut ritual to create a powerful amulet

In this Samhain rituals for the solitary witch, you will need a chestnut. Chestnuts are very popular during the celebration of Halloween. In order to make this talisman, place chestnuts on the plate for each member of the family. On each of them, write, with a sharp object, the initials of each of the members of the family. Cover the chestnuts with bay leaves and leave it like that throughout the night. In the morning, remove the bay leaf and distribute the chestnuts with the initials corresponding to each member of your family. Members should live them besides their bedside tables throughout the year. During an exam, a job interview or to promote love, you will carry it in a pocket because it will help you achieve what you want to attract into your life.

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