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New Orleans Voodoo That Works Fast

New Orleans Voodoo That Works Fast

The New Orleans Voodoo, just as the case is with that of Louisiana, was brought by the slaves captured from West Africa. The voodoo in New Orleans is also popularly referred to as Catholicism Voodoo because the rituals and practices in it are similar to the ones practiced in the Catholic Church. Voodoo is religion that is closely linked to nature, ancestors and the spirits. Its spread was bolstered during the 1791 slave revolt that saw thousands of slaves fleeing Haiti and settling in New Orleans. On attaining this freedom, the people of colour made the practice of voodoo their integral culture.

What do practitioners of New Orleans Voodoo believe in?

In the New Orleans Voodoo, worshippers believe that one God does have the power to influence and interfere with the daily lives of many people, but that spirits have this ability. In order to connect with these spirits, various rituals that include chanting, dancing and rituals with snakes are done. When you visit many New Orleans cities, you will find gris-gris dolls, talismans and portions in homes and stores. The practices of voodoo that are done here include card reading, personal ceremonies, prayers and spiritual births.

The most popular voodoo venue in New Orleans is Congo Square

Congo Square is found in Armstrong Park. In the past, it was a place where African slaves would gather and was also the only place that had been reserved for cultural expression of African traditions, including voodoo magic. Here, enslaved Africans, who were practitioners of New Orleans Voodoo, would gather to perform spiritual ceremonies and form drum circles. Currently, the place is where cultural meetings are hosted and is still open.

And the first practitioner of New Orleans Voodoo was Marie Laveau

She existed between 1794 and 1881. She was not only a New Orleans Voodoo queen, but also a legendary practitioner of the magic. Although she was a devout catholic who encouraged others to do so as well, she also offered traditional magical help using the powers of voodoo to many people who lived during her time. Her generosity was outstanding in that she always offered shelter to the orphans, gave them food and nursed the sick ones of them. Although she died, her New Orleans Voodoo practices did not die with her. Today, you can access similar services from a website like this one and many other physical locations across the world.

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