Love Spells That Truly Work

Love Spells That Truly Work
This websites is dedicated to give you love spells that will reunite you with a lover, family, friends. If you have been look for authentic love spells that truly work to reunite you, strengthen your love or break it for good if that is what you desire.
We use both White & Black magic techniques. A genuine love spells comes with its own share of methods, style and rituals.
Some of the genuine love spells include:

Bring Love to Your Home
The love spell is easy to cast and can be cast within 30-45 minutes. The love spell should be conducted with the following paraphernalia: Cleansed Water, Hair, Blood, Fully Developed Leaf, Lavender and an eyelash.
Make sure that the description of your Heart matches perfectly with the message you inscribe on an unlined paper.
After scribbling the message, chant it out, burn the paper and store the ashes inside the bottle. Keep the bottle in your bedroom.
Your lover will appear soon enough and you will move in together.

Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell
This is a strong and heavy spell to cast, requires a maximum of three to four days to cast. Look for three dragon blood candles and brand them in accordance to three things you will request the spirits to do for your love life. Ask the spirits to:
Open a channel between you and your lover
Allow feelings to connect between the two of you
Turn the feelings into fully ignited Love
Master each candle and remember its purpose and speak the desire into the candles flame. The first candle should be labeled (Channel) Love Candle, The second (Connect) Love candle and the third (True Love) Candle.
The three candles should be allowed to burn as you make the offer as they represent the love spells goals.
Chant the following lines:
Spirit of Love; allow a channel to be opened between (Your lover’s name) and you
Spirit of love, allow this channel to blossom a connection between (your lover’s name) and me
Spirit of love, I beseech you, Allow true love to come between (your lover’s name) and me

Proceed and chant the following:
Spirits allow these candles to be symbols to you for my desires
Allow the flames to represent my burning desire for what I ask of you
Thank you spirits and I thank you for listening to my requests upon you

Afterwards you should take melting wax from the 3 candles right after the chants and rub it together (use small portions; you can as well burn yourself with the candle wax a bit). Rub the wax near your belly bottom. This part serves as your gateway.
Hold the portrait or personal items of the person you desire on either hand and stare at each candle as you foresee your desires with the person you are inviting into your life.
Finally watch each candle flame for 5 minutes as the same thought about the lover you want into your life is coursing through your mind.

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