All love spells are suitable for any relationship issue. But with a specific situation or issue you are facing, you will need a specific love spell to help you. People tend to mistake things and cast spells that are not really suitable for their issues and at the end they blame the spell caster. An appropriate love spell should definitely give you the results you expected. The following is the list of situations and love spells you can cast for them.

Say you are in a relationship and you feel like your partner is not giving your relationship sufficient attention. You feel like you are alone in this and his/her mind is somewhere else. Do not foresee things, first make up your mind and see if he is the real person you want to be with. If not then you can leave him/her alone and find the new one. But if he/she is the perfect one, then you need to cast a spell to keep you together and focused in your relationship. And that is the binding love spell. Do not think that maybe he/she is cheating then you come running for the love spell to stop a cheater, what if he/she is not cheating?

Love spells should not be used to make someone suffer or in any advantageous manner. Say you had a fight or any argument with your lover and you decided to break up. And after some time your past lover falls in a relationship with someone else. If you are in such a situation, it depends on your feelings. If you no longer love him/her but you don’t want to see him/her with that person then I will not encourage you to cast a spell because it is not your place to choose for someone. Do not dare cast a break up love spell in this situation. But if you still have tough and real strong feelings for him/her then you can cast the lost lover love spell.

The next situation is whereby you see someone and you feel something for him/her. Some call it a crush. This means you feel something for someone and you say if you were given the opportunity you would fall in love with this person. But bear in mind that this might be for the moment. Before you can take any action with that feeling, first ask yourself if you can be able to love this person truly or not. If the answer is yes then you can cast the attraction love spell but if you want to play games you better not use the attraction love spell. And you are encouraged not to cast this spell if you are already in a relationship unless you are ready for polygamy.

What I can say is cast a spell that is perfectly suitable for your situation. You can only cast the best of them from Dr. Omar Hussein.


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