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The Most Effective Love Spell Cast Using Blood To Bring Back Ex Lover

The most powerful love spell using blood and candles

It is of the utmost importance to warn you that this love spell using blood and candles is a very strong, intense and powerful love spell cast using blood. You can use it to make your partner return to your side permanently and forever or to make your current partner to make a commitment that they will never leave you. The spell will work to to make your lover more dedicated, passionate, loving and more willing to take that simple relationship to another level.

For this effective love spell using blood and candles, you will need:

  1. Three Red Candles.
  2. Two White Candles.
  3. A picture of yourself.
  4. A Photo Of Your Ex.
  5. A Pin or Needle (To Get A Little Blood).
  6. A Piece Of Red Ribbon.
  7. To start this love spell using blood and candles , place the candles in star shape as follows,

    • the red candles should be at the top point and the two bottom points,
    • put the remaining white candles.
    • They should be arranged in such a way that they form a star.
    • After forming the star shape,

    • light your candles counter clockwise.
    • Now, say the following incantation with faith

      Now put the two photos in the center of the star along with the pin or the needle and the red ribbon, now with all the elements in place repeat the following words.

      “I act to you and I never lie, I never lose and you will love me to the death, even beyond. Your feelings for me grow every hour, every day and more and more. Your happiness is complete when you are with me and sadness overwhelms you and consumes you when I am far away.

      When you close your eyes and think of me, your heart fills with joy, you call me to drown the sadness, you talk about your problems and you always tell me the truth, so I know your pains and they hurt me just because I share them with you.

      When it is my heart that is sad, you listen to me, you advise me and you hug me to give me comfort and all your good and pure love. We are bound forever and ever, this union will never be broken. With this love spell I declare it as I want. So be it.”

      In conclusion, bind the photos together and your love will be bound

      Now take the photos and put them side by side with the pin or needle and prick the finger of the heart of your dominant hand and with the blood draw a circle so that in your photo is half and in the one of your ex the other. Put one more drop of your blood in the middle circle of your ex and give him a kiss, now take the photos and put them face to face, press them and tie them with the tape.

      Finally, to finish this love spell using blood and candles, take the photos and keep them in a safe place, being careful not to release the tape. You must have a great focus and spiritual serenity for this love spell to work.

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