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Love Spell To Reinforce Feelings Of Love In A Relationship

Love Spell To Reinforce Feelings Of Love In A Relationship

Women are magical people by nature. The womans nature makes her a perfectionist. She wants everything done in order and perfectly. That is why women, when they love, love with all their hearts. If you are a woman who wants to be shown perfect love from a man that you desire, this spell is for you. Spells are here to help women because they a weaker sex. For that reason, the gods are often willing to help women rise above the odds in their lives.

Here is a ritual that a woman can perform to enhance their love lives

This ritual is surprising, because what you are going to do is to direct the movement of energies. The color of the candles that you will use in casting this magical ritual must be pink. The astrological sign of this candle color is Venus, the chakra where it directs its energy is the chakra of the heart. Planets that rule with the pink color is Venus and as its name indicates, the indicated day of the spell is Friday. The womans nature requires her to be spiritual if she is to solve her love problems. Your strength may not be enough.

Here is how to perform the spell

This spell highlights the womans nature, the fact that she wants things to happen in a manner that allows her to be happy. In order to perform this spell of love, we shall direct a stream of love energy upon the people that we desire. First, you will have to do a novena “for nine days in a row” starting on a crescent moon Friday. All the elements to carry out this ritual to win back a love are affordable and easy to get. They are the following Materials: 18 pink candles, a little rose oil, a match and a plate.

Here’s the procedure for performing the spell

After you have acquired all these materials, take the pink candles and as smartness is a womans nature; dress them a little bit with rose oil. After that, clean your hands. You will then light all the candles and pack them in an ash tray. Lift the ash tray up and say the following words:

“These Candles that I now hold will enhance my love capacities and give me more romanticism. As these candles burn and melt and join each other, let it seal our love with fire and become one. My person and heart will unite with my best qualities and as one, will enhance the attraction of others to me.”

Finally, in a smart way that befits a womans nature, keep the candles glued together

After you have said the above incantation, put the candles on a plate and remember that they have to be in close contact with one another. This love ritual can also be performed when you have planned to meet someone. Do not suffer in love anymore! Learn how you can make the most powerful love spells that befits a womans nature – perfection and organization. If you would like to know more about these spells, please feel free to contact me.

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