Love Spell to Define Your Relationship


You may have been dating for a while now, but you have yet to figure out when you will officially be a couple. The world of dating is very complicated especially in this current generation. There are many allusions to a partner being exclusive, a word I still find rather confusing. What exactly does being “exclusive” mean? The foggy impression I get from it is that you can’t see other people when you are dating, but does it also imply you are officially a couple?

This is a question that shrouds the definition of a relationship. It is never easy to say a relationship has reached a definitive stage. Many people fear that if they get to ask questions that seek to know the status of their relationship, rejection may come and more agony caused for a lover. Because of such fears, many daters hold back from communicating. They hold back from communicating what they really want, which is common.

Both ladies and gentlemen in a relationship shouldn’t be afraid to ask where the relationship they are in is going. If you all want to be exclusive, it is proper to decide whether it is the right time to settle or not and if one of you is silent, don’t be afraid to move on. If you feel your partner is hesitant and is not willing to decide to formalize your relationship, its time you acted. You can either walk away or use other means to bring him or her to commitment.

Do you think your affective life must undergo a definition without being sure which way to ?. Does the current anxiety bar you from clarifying your thoughts and feelings about the status of your relationship? Use the following love spell to definitely set a straight course for your relationship.

• Three Boldo leaves.
• A cinnamon stick.
• A gray pearl candle.

What you must do
• Before going to bed, prepare some tea with Boldo leaves, i.e, place the leaves and cinnamon stick into a cup pour the boiling water into it.
• Let it sit a few seconds and allow its aroma and vapour to fill the room.
• Light the candle for at least half an hour. When the candle burns out, or is about to burn out; instead of extinguishing it with your mouth, smother it with a white teaspoon. You can chill this tea in a deep freezer and serve it to your partner whenever he or she visits you.
• This love spell must be cast on Mondays and Fridays if you’re female, and Tuesdays and Thursdays if you are male.
• You can use the same ritual candle and make love every week you deem fit.

Esoterically, Boldo brings clarity in tense and stressful situations. Cinnamon among other things helps solve strains. The gray candle symbolizes maturity, neutrality and balance.

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