You know as spell casters we sometimes feel sorry when we read all these scandals and new relating love. I am Dr. Omar Hussein and I am the spell caster and I cast my spells in different countries. But today I want to look at the stories that we read about everyday. People die, get arrested, commit suicide and so on because of the situations that I feel should have been sorted out easily. According to me, I think the reason behind this is making a decision due to anger or is running out of options. When you have run out of solutions, the only solution that is always available to people out there is death.

I will take a loot at the two love related situations whereby we had people dying all over just because of relationship issues. This one is for women with an estimated age of about 30 years. When you are at that age you have the mentality that your lover is now the real one and you can spend the rest of your lives together. But that cannot just happen easily. Now, this woman suspected that her husband is cheating. The problem is men fail to hide their cheating forever. Now, the other woman wants to show this one that she is with her man. She takes the man’s cell phone and calls this woman. The woman gets angry, irritated and annoyed. She goes all mad and decides to burn herself using petrol. I will not go any further but I want us to look at this carefully.

Besides burning herself, she could have done something else and a spell caster I suggest that she could have at least tried to cast a spell on him. If you love someone you don’t leave them for someone else but you fight for them. The perfect spell for this situation was the love spell to stop a cheater. With the power of this spell, she could have got her man back. The other situation is whereby a girl of about 24 years broke up with her boyfriend and got the new boyfriend. She then fell pregnant for this new boyfriend only to find out that the past lover was not yet done. She still loved her and was annoyed when he heard that she is pregnant. He tried getting her back but couldn’t. After nine month, the girl had to give birth and the day she had to see the doctor because she suspected something the past lover came and shot the girl, went to his home and hanged himself.

Now, is that the real solution? To me the solution was spells in this situation. The girl should’ve cast the love spell to banish the past lover or the boyfriend should have cast the lost lover love spell. But they had to bring about a painful ending. Do not find yourself in such a situation, cast a love spell today.


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