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Lost Love Quotes For Strength And Reinvigoration After Breakup

Lost Love Quotes For Strength And Reinvigoration After Breakup

The lost love quotes that you need in order to get the strength to pick up the pieces. When you lose someone you love, it is more like you have lost a part of yourself. Just imagine this kind of scenario: here is a man or woman you have spent so much time with. You text him or her every day. You hangout out with him or her all the time. You just enjoy the company of that person. Then, all of a sudden, they are gone!

There are many ways to lose love

However, it doesn’t matter whether the separation feels cleans or creates a battleground. It hurts like hell to lose love. In addition, getting over this kind of love can seem more than impossible. How can one then cope with lost love? How about a situation when someone fails to get over lost love? Who is your dependable companion in this time of need? After a breakup, there is a tendency of people feeling like they will never love again – or at least never find someone as loving as the one they had before.

Even lovey-dovey movies and passionate novels may not get you out of the shit!

They are not really romantic enough to heal your heart. It is for this reason that it hurts so much for anyone to get their hearts broken. One of my favourite authors, John Greene, writes novels that present raw emotions before readers. Through his pieces, we learn that losing love sucks, but the end of love is not usually the end of life. You can actually move on after lost love! Although his stories are heart-wrenchingly sad, they are very realistic and it is from his books that I have compiled the following list of lost love quotes.

  • “The thing about pain is that it demands to be felt.” – John Green lost love quotes.
  • “it sounds unrealistic for once to fancy that they can fill an empty space in their hearts with the thing they lost.” — John Green lost love quotes.
  • “Many people find it hard to leave, until they finally leave. And then it turns out to be the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” – John Green lost love quotes.
  • “It hurts you because it mattered.” – John Greene

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