Leap Year Spells That Work To Attract New Energy

These Are Powerful Spells For A New Beginning In Life

Every February 29 is said to be an era of negativity, according to the leap ear magic belief. However, it is actually a very positive day if you know how direct the energy toward the positive. Leap year magic rituals are helpful if you are to attract good energy. It is said that a lot of energy moves every leap year, and while some say that the February 29 date is a negative, there are others who claim that it is a kind of new beginning and a magical day. The only certainty is that the year has one more day, 366, so it is advisable to put aside negative thoughts and focus on the positive.

Banish Negativity Using My Powerful Leap Year Spells

My leap year spells can help you get rid of the old, what does not work or what bring bad memories. We keep a lot of things in our heads and lives. Some of them are issues/subjects that do not attract good energy or let it flow. This is a good time to take away that which no longer serves us and keeps us tied, perhaps, to a painful past. By casting my powerful spell, you will be released from your bonds of the past and be aligned to embrace a new destiny.

Delete All Bad Feelings Using My Magic Love Spells

If you would like to get rid of bad feelings, this is the spell that will help you do so. Rancor, hatred and envy are feelings that do not allow you to reach positive and renewing energy. This is also a good day to let go of bad feelings. It may be that ultimately you offer an apology to the person who hurt you, the one you do not like or the one you recently got into conflict with. Leap year magic can always help you to do so if you can’t do it y yourself. Use the form below to contact me and change your life today.

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