There are different love spells that are cast also in different ways. The good thing is that they all serve the purpose they’re cast for. We know that some things are meant to be done in mysterious ways. But do the casting of love spells differ and what is the significance of casting spells correctly.

Let’s take a look at the first love spell, the spell to bring back the lost lover. You must be familiar with this. You will need two red candles, two white candles and one black candle. The red candles represents love, the white candles represents brightness while the black one is for bad lucks. The whole purpose is to chase away bad lucks therefore you should insert two needles on the black one. They should be arranged in the following order. The white ones should be in front followed by the red ones in the middle and the black one should be at the back. You first carry the red ones with both hands. Say everything you want to say that you think should bring back the lost lover. You should not blow out the candles. You are advised to let them burn down on their own. You should sleep in the same room with the candles.

Now, what about the one to find your true lover? This one is used in different ways. Firstly you will be given a small bottle with a liquid like stuff. That stuff is usually red in colour. You should take a bath and wear your good clothes. You then put this on your hand and rub it all over the face and your clothes. The some small one and rub it on your eyebrows. You then go and approach that particular person you want. The next one uses the small piece of a wood like spell. You take that small piece and put it under your tongue. You then talk to that person without removing the piece. That person will develop some love for you. You do the same until the person agrees to love you. This usually takes a period of five days.

The next one is the one that stops your lover from cheating. This one woks easily and works very effectively. You’re a bottle with some liquid inside. You take that bottle home and you don’t show it to anyone. Every time you suspect that your lover is with someone you take the bottle and find the quiet place with no one. You open the bottle and put your mouth on it. You say anything you want to see happening between the three of you. You don’t forget to mention his name. You then drink a little bit and you split straight to the sun if it is there. If it’s not there, there shall be no problem. They will fight and you will get your partner back as soon as possible.

There are other ways whereby you burn some essence and say whatever you want to say. Sometimes you need to mix your urine with some powdery spell and you burn the. You then use the sharp object and say your wishes.

There are so many different ways of casting the spells but they all serve their purposes.

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