How To Cast Spells Using Moon Magic

How To Cast Spells Using Moon Magic

Learn more about moon love spells and other magic rituals associated with the moon here.

The moon is the universal energy, the spirit, God, the superior being or whatever you want to call it. Its energies are divided into two categories: male and female, ying and yang … The moon projects great energy and influences the earth.

We all know how it influences the tides and something we must keep in mind is that it affects us equally. Most of our body is water and the moon affects us with its tides on all planes (physical, mental, emotional and energetic). Knowing its operation, power and influence is essential for one to be in communion with its energy and connect internally and externally with it.

Phases of the moon and corresponding moon love spells

  1. The New moon:
  2. this is when the moon is not visible. It is a phase of darkness and confusion. So, it is the most appropriate time to cast protection moon love spells and to put a shield around you and your love relationship so that nothing bad comes to you.

  3. Crescent moon:
  4. After three days of the new moon, we enter the most propitious stage where one cast spells for empowerment. In other words, this is the stage to deal with everything that has to do with increase. For example: customer attraction, good luck attraction, attraction of love and to enhance someone’s mood. If you are in a relationship that seems shaky, this is the most appropriate time to cast moon love spells.

  5. Full moon:
  6. this phase is par excellence the most known for its influences in nature. During this phase, you can do rituals with direct effects on people. for example, may be you are looking for moon love spells to strengthen your relationship, grow your business and bring transformation into our life. During these days, the human body registers more changes of consciousness and more mood swings. For these reasons, it is the most ideal time for casting exam spells, fertility spells and moon love spells to get pregnant.

  7. The waning moon:
  8. These moon phases can help us in moon love spells casting

    During the moon phases, we not only perform spell work but we also get to become aware of how the body responds and how emotions, thoughts and our energy are influenced by the moon. You can cast moon love spells through the three goddesses: Diana on the New Moon, Selene On a full moon and Hekate on the Dark Moon.

    The energy of the Moon is very powerful to achieve important desires in your life such as the acquisition of a job and being able to obtain love by casting moon love spells. Today, I will present some moon love spells and rituals that you can use to achieve any desired purpose.

    Powerful full moon love spells for engagement

    Time can be a key element in any type of moon love spells and working with the phases of the moon can often be extremely fruitful, especially when it comes to love spells to attract love. There is no doubt that lunar magic plays a vital role in the manifestation of one’s intentions. In matters related to love, there are three phases that can amplify the energy of a love spell: a new moon, a crescent moon and a full moon.

    How to cast moon love spells to attract love

    Before you perform any of my moon love spells here, you will need to start with the two most fundamental elements: A representation of you and a representation of your love interests. For this particular spell, you need to create two wax poppets. To create them, you will need to melt a red or pink candle and form two molds of wax figures.

    As a practitioner, I would add a number of herbs, oils or even personal concerns to the wax, but this is not necessary. You can simply take two small pieces of brown paper bag with your names written on it and include it in your molds. You will also need to get a single red candle that is anointed with a little of your favorite conjuring oil. If by chance you don’t have any oil to conjure, simply mix some cinnamon, cloves and coriander in a little olive oil. Finally, you will need a long piece of red or blue thread.

    This is the procedure

    • To prepare for the ritual, take your two wax palettes and place the red candle between them.
    • Take your string and gently tie the two figures on the candle. Make sure they are safe enough not to fall out of the candle. Tie a knot.
    • Here is the important part. Make sure there is enough rope on the left. You will need this to complete the spell.

    You will then wait for the first full moon day in order to cast this moon love spells. Then, on the first full moon night, light your candle and visualize your intentions. Then take your extra rope and wrap it around the candle and poppies once and say the following:

    “I am tied to you and you to me. In love to be, I tie you to me. ”

    Let the candle burn a total of 20 minutes. You should do this for 3 consecutive nights. On the last night, let the candle burn to the bottom. Finally, nothing of the remaining wax is discarded.

    You must keep this until you no longer want to be tied to this person. Keep it in a safe place and very soon you will have results with this moon love spells for engagement.

    However, if you feel that your spirits or your energies are not consistent to perform a Spell, if you were a victim of fraud, if a Homemade Spell did not work as you expected or you probably do not have the time or privacy to do so, I can help you cast any of my moon love spells. I am an expert of love and I am here to get you out of your love problems.

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