How to cast real spells

There are so many different methods of casting spells depending on the spell and the spell caster. Some spell casters give the instructions and the spell to the clients or people to go and cast the spell themselves. But some spell casters prefer to go and cast the spell themselves. But I believe that this differs due to the type of spell you want cast for you. But it is much preferable to let the spell caster cast a spell for you so that you can shift all the blame to the spell caster just in case the spell doesn’t work. And it might happen that you miss just one instruction mistakenly but it is not easy for the spell caster to do that but it all lies on whether the spell caster is the real one or not.

It is also much advised that the spell caster should be able to perform traditional healing and psychic reading. With both these capabilities you can never go wrong. It happens that someone comes to the spell caster and asks for the spell for a certain disease, there is no spell for that. But there are traditional herbs for that. So, if you are the traditional healer, you would just explain everything to the person and give him/her the perfect herb. But if you are not, you will end up being embarrassed, people will start losing trust on you because you couldn’t help them. And after the embarrassment, you start doing wrong things like giving someone the spell instead of the herb and that person will not see any improvement and to me you are just a scammer.

And again I have seen this so many times, when someone is a serious issue or is stressing over something, they cannot think straight or makes the correct decision. So, someone can come to you and claim that they want such a spell and when you get to hear the whole story, you now know that the spell you gave to someone is not the one. So, if you are the spell caster and you can do psychic reading, it is much better to perform a reading and get to know more about the situation and the course. I believe that it is much easier to solve the problem when you know the course and the outcome. So, if you can do this, then you can easily cast the real spell.

Lastly, if you are the spell caster, you need to be aware of the capabilities of your spells. Once you know how capable your spell is, you can tell the person not to cast the spell when the situation is like this and should cast it when the situation is like that. For instance spells like the break up love spell and the binding love spells are spells that can be very effective. You should not cast these spells due to anger. So, you better explain to the person about the capabilities and the possibilities and make sure that he/she makes the correct decision. Do not rush into taking money while the job is not yet done.

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