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How To Cast A Spell To Banish Negative Energy

How To Cast A Spell To Banish Negative Energy

Welcome to the place where you can cast magical banishing spells to get rid of negative energies from your home. Homes have an emotionality that is breathed in the air. When the energy is negative, the space becomes tense and does not favor harmony. Know some tips on how to fill your house with good vibes.

We all need peace in pour houses after a busy day

After a busy day, which distributes its hours between runs, tasks and obligations, there is nothing better than arriving home and relaxing freely, feeling the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled and giving yourself to the container and warm embrace of the home.

But it does not always happen as we wish. More than once, the stress and daily violence that intoxicates large cities load the places we inhabit with a vibe that does not allow you to relax or have fun. To renew the air and return to the “nest” a good emotionality, magical banishing spells can help you that.

Negative energies are all around us all the time

While we cannot see the energy with the naked eye, we can certainly feel it since the energy of the home often reflects your own internal emotional state. Although negative and positive energies will always exist, the key is to limit the amount of negative energy that gets into our homes if we are to lead a happier life.

Although there are many ways that one can use to get rid of them, I would like to tell you that fastest and the most effective way is through casting magical banishing spells. That said, I will discuss some of the ways to get bad energy out of your house

To begin with, you should change internally

As we focus on the daily duties and routines, many times we do not realize that the environments of our house are loaded with negative energies, which become an ideal breeding ground for quarrels, disagreements and arguments.

Without a doubt, the best way to change this situation is to make an internal change, a deep reflection on your life, your relationships and what happens to you. But you can start with small gestures, such as reading some tips to clean negative energy at home and one of them is using magical banishing spells.

You can also burn sage and other herbs

Cleaning with sage is one of the oldest and fastest ways to eliminate negative energy from your home. Burning sage in your private space, your home or your office is like taking an energy shower.

Experts in the field speak of sage as the greatest ally to make a deep metaphysical cleaning, since sage smoke dries the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. Many magical banishing spells also use this powerful plant.

Other people have also been using protective glasses successfully

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from people and things. The best way to use these protective glasses is to place a piece in each corner of a room.

In doing so, we build a protective shield to prevent negative energy from entering that space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it close to the Internet router, television, computer and other devices in order for it to protect us from its harmful energy. In addition, black tourmaline relieves anxiety and depression, so holding it in our hands can extract negative energy from our own body.

Together with magical banishing spells, black tourmaline can be the most effective solution. It is important to clean these protective glasses once a week to ensure they remain powerful. To do this, you have to place them in a container with filtered water and put them in the sun for at least 4 hours. We can also immerse them in the smoke of the burning sage.

How to cast magical banishing spells to banish negative energy

We all have energies that accompany us. There are those that we ourselves generate and there are also those that we receive from others. In one way or another, some of these energies are negative and they can affect our mood, behavior and even health. Today, I shall present one of easy magical banishing spells that you can use to get rid of negative energies in your space.

Steps to use magical banishing spells to clean negative energies

If you are determined to eliminate the negative energies in your life, first thing is to make a change of attitude and always try to see the positive side of things. However, at home, you can also take the following steps.

  • Before cleaning negative energies, remove all metal objects you wear, including watches, bracelets and necklaces. If you have menstruation, you must wait for it to happen before you can perform the energy cleaning of the environment.
  • Then open the windows of the house or office where you work so that you can circulate the air. This represents the most classic and useful practice to prevent negative energy from stagnating and ensure a good flow of vital energy. You just have to be careful not to create violent currents.
  • After opening the windows, remove all the carpets and sweep the entire house with a broom. The broom, in addition to being a very common object in homes, is capable of removing negative energy from the environment. It is very important to move all the furniture when we do this magical banishing spells and sweep everything out.
  • Then wipe with a disinfectant liquid. You can use 20 drops of tea tree oil and 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract for a liter of water, or also, use a glass of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of whole salt for a liter of water. We thoroughly wash all the floors of the house with the water prepared with these ingredients. You will see that something starts to change! Wait until the soil is dry before continuing to the next step.
  • The next step is the fumigation to eliminate negative energies. It consists of exhaling the smoke produced by the combustion of aromatic substances. It has ancient origins, used from the past during healing practices or ritual events, and is capable of changing the psychophysical state of people. According to beliefs, this step should always be done with sunlight, never after sunset and never on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. It is also recommended between the full moon and the new moon, that is, in the phase of waning moon.
  • It must be done with the windows closed. Mix the herbs you prefer, reduce them to dust and burn them in a bowl with charcoal. White smoke will start to come out, at this point take the container with the ashes around the rooms and extend it with a pen, so that the cleaning is deeper, insisting especially on the corners. Continue like this until the house is filled up with smoke. Fumigation ends with the opening of all windows to release the negative energy released.
  • Finally, place five medium-sized bowls with unrefined salt; four in the corners and one in the center of the room. If you have mint leaves (even dried), you can mix them with salt. The bowls should be left for 24 hours, after which the salt is thrown away, at this time the salt will have absorbed all the negative energies present in the room. Do this magical banishing spells in each room, which means you will have five bowls in each room for 24 hours.

Soon after practicing this magical banishing spells, a halo of purity will surround your environment and all negative energies will be eliminated. If you would like to know more about these magical banishing spells and practices, feel free to get in touch with me.

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