Halloween, Australia simple love spell

Powerful Spells And Rituals For The Halloween Night

Halloween is the most magical propitious night for spells

Halloween is the most terrifying night of the year, but it is also the most propitious night to make the spirits to come and help us in our lives. The Halloween night comes from the Anglo-Saxon culture, but it is known throughout the world. Every year, it is becoming more rooted in other cultures. It is also known as the night of the witches, or the night of the living dead. The houses and streets are filled with terrifying motifs, such as pumpkins with candles, witches, ghosts, spiders, black cats and the undead.

Traditionally, Halloween is called “Samhain”, which means “End of summer”

The Samhain, or Halloween, is a very important day in the magical world, because it is the night when the limits between the world of the living and the dead become narrow. This makes it possible for us to communicate with them. They even come to visit us. That is why it has been called the night of the living dead, although this is a term closer to the festive facet of Halloween than to the magical one.

During the Halloween night, you can make use of the flowing energies

The Halloween night is when more energy flows throughout the year, which makes it perfect to perform rituals or spells in which we ask for those things we need in our lives. When you do so, they will be fulfilled with more force that it could have been done on another night of the year. If you are looking for love, want to bring your lover back or would like to remove negative energies from your relationship, the Halloween is for you.

Simple Halloween Spells to attract positive energies and ward off bad ones

One of the Halloween rituals we can do is the casserole and the mirror, which is very simple. In a pot, or a bowl, we introduce mineral water, some rose petals and a round mirror (the size you have). When it is 12 o’clock at night, hold the pot with both hands, close your eyes, and say aloud all the negative elements that are disturbing you and the ones you want to leave behind and forget. Afterwards, you will look inside the container at your reflection in the mirror and you will imagine what kind of future you would like to have.

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