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Effective Protection Spells Cast Against Negative Energy

Casting Effective Protection Spells For Beginners

This is one of those protection spells that work instantly for beginners. One of the things we must always keep in mind is that we are like sponges. We attract and retain everything that is around us. Therefore, if we are in a place with negative energies or things that we do not like, we attract and we are filled with the bad things about that place. On the other hand, when we are going through a gossip or aggression towards other people, we absorb all that negativity in full. This is supposed to force us to use a good cleansing spell in order to fill us with new energy. This is exactly what this spell has been designed to do.

Casting My Effective Protection Spells

You will need:
A photo of yourself
4 blue and white candles
A few drops of essential oil of your astrological sign.
3 leaves of acacia
3 black tourmaline stones

The Process Of Casting My Effective Protection Spells That Work

You will start by washing hands with clean water in a container, as we have to put a few drops of essential oil. Now you must make a circle around you with blue candles on each cardinal point in front of you and white candles on the other points. Then add some incense and a few leaves of acacia.

Now, following the circle, you must go by lighting all the candles and then incense. You must imagine that you are the incense and as it is burning, you are going to purify and cleanse all the negativity you have. Now you should take a few leaves of acacia and a black tourmaline and recites the following:

“I invoke, Aradia, Goddess of protection and healing, protect me and keep me safe, now and forever, thank you.”

As you do this, visualize a white light that is forming around you and do not let anything bad between. Now you have to blow out the candles and close the circle completely, but you must let the incense burn completely.

This circle creates a kind of protection around you even if you are no longer within the circle and protects you against cases of envy. Plus, it makes your energy increase and feel more like doing things. If you are in poor health, you need this protection spells that work instantly for beginners. However, it fails to work for you, contact me so that I can cast a more powerful spell for you. Use the form below to contact me and change your life today.

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