Marriage love spell is supposed to make your lover agree to marry you without any doubt. This is one of the tricky spells that you should be sure of before you cast. Reason being you should not marry someone you don’t love and demand a divorce later because it won’t be as easy as it was when you were casting the marriage love spell.

In this spell you will need two candles with a red colour for love and you need one white candle for the person you want to marry. You will need to get a picture of the two of you together. You cannot tell me you don’t have the picture of you and your lover. And again you get your picture of yours alone and for your lover alone. These pictures should be with no one else in them.

Get a fancy ring that has never been worn by anyone else. This ring should be circled and should not be worn even after the spell casting is over. It is advisable that you cast this spell in your bedroom because you should be alone when casting this spell. And again no one should see or disturb you when you are still casting the spell. Not even your lover is allowed to see you.

Place the pictures where both of you are alone apart. Yours should be on the left hand side and for the one you are casting for should be on the right hand side. They should all be placed in the same direction. Take the picture where you are together and put it between the two pictures you had put before. Get your candles and put them in this order.

The white one should be on top of the centre picture. Then place each of the red candles on top of each of your pictures on both sides. Light the candles starting with the one in the center, then the one on top of the photo of the person you are casting the spell for. You then light the last one. During this spell casting you should focus on your marriage. Think of all the things you want during your marriage.

Put the ring on the center picture and talk as if you were convincing your lover onto marrying you. Let the candles burn. The white candle should not be blown out. For the other two let the wax pour on both photos until you realize that it is enough to stick them together. Stick both pictures and take them into a safer place where no one shall take them or see them.

Remember the ring should be put anywhere in your bedroom. The picture of both of you and its wax should be put in the same place with the ring. The red candles you will light them anytime you will talk to him/her about marriage. My spell works. You just have to try it.


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