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Candle Love Spells That Work Immediately

Candle Love Spells That Work Immediately

Candle Love Spells. Candle love charms are undoubtedly the most popular candle spells I have, probably because the candle flame adds a romantic touch to any situation. I already have a couple of candle love charms on the meet lovers page if you are trying to get someone back into your life, otherwise read on for some new spells for candle romance. These spells are really powerful in the Wiccan world, which is why many of my clients use it. This is not an exception. You will have to have the following before casting the spell:

  • 3 thin red candles (conical type)
  • A red string or cord
  • Rose oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Something sharp to inscribe on the candles with.

How to Perform Candle Love Spells

Carve a heart with a small pentacle inside the three candles. It doesn’t need to be artistically perfect, just a rough symbol is fine. Anoint each candle with one of the oils, and then tie them together with the thread so that their symbols are touching the middle of the group. Tie the rope in a bow and set it on a candle holder or plate.
Light all three candles and repeat the following:
To live a life of love
Is what I ask of you from above,
Three times three
Bring them to me

Let the candles burn about a third of the way, and then turn them off. Then repeat again for the next 2 nights until the candles are made. You will soon receive news about someone new.

Candle love spells are some of the most powerful in the world of magic. They are categorized as white magic. However, there is another group of spells that is cast using black magic and they are the extremely powerful because they work irrespective of the conditions at the time. If you are interested in casting spells that work instantly – other than candle love spells – contact me for powerful black magic spells that work fast.

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