There could be many things you want to accomplish into your life but you cannot see them! Do you always wake up every morning with the intent to take on the world but your negative thoughts and old memories stop you from going beyond the first bite? Many people follow to the letter all the steps necessary to succeed in life after a separation but their negativity of thought and low self-esteem or perception makes them believe that they are not worth the salt!

Can’t you forget about that person? Are your memories still haunting your soul? Do you find your current situation unable to allow you to start a new relationship because you still perceive their presence? I suggest you cast a love spell to help you clear your mind of a former love. Like all other worldwide laws, the Law of Cause and Effect is unchangeable, firm, deliberate, and precise is its implementation and delivery. It is, like all other universal laws, it doesn’t know any prejudice and is delivered in the exact proportion of the same for everyone, regardless of belief, gender, age, religion or origin. It is based on the seeds you choose to plant.

You can now unlink that man or woman who is holding back your life’s progress back through using portent powers that the universe provides.

– Your former partner’s picture – the size used in identity documents or passport, or the same photo size cut from a bigger one.
– A glass jar with lid (the type used for carrying baby food).
The process
• Place the picture of your ex in the glass jar, pour some water into it and close it.
• Keep the bottle for 10 days in a place away from the gaze of others, until the photo or image of the person deteriorates in colour.
• After the ten days, place the jar in a deep freezer where the food is frozen, until the contents solidify.
• The jar must stay there until you forget about that person.
• When this happens, you will have to throw the jar into the sea or river.
• This spell must be cast on some special days of the zodiac. If the person (your ex) is a Cancer, cast the spell on a Monday. Tuesdays (Aries and Scorpio). Wednesday (Gemini and Virgo). Thursday (Sagittarius and Pisces). Friday (Taurus and Libra). Saturday (Capricorn and Aquarius). Sunday (Leo).

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