Protection Spells from Negative Energies

Protection Spells from Negative Energies

Protect yourself from energy contamination by casting ancient magic spells for protection. All human beings are made from energy. The most common way of understanding this process is through the chakras, which are 7 energy points that are distributed throughout the body. These points have different energy colors and change according to the vibration of the person, according to problems in certain areas. One of these chakras is the sexual one, which is located in the pelvic region.

Sexual contact attracts a new form of energy. Good are bad? Discover now

When you have sex with a person, you activate this point of energy. This is the very point I would like to emphasize. Be careful who you have sex with. This is because when you sexually relate to someone, you exchange energy and you have no way of knowing whether the energy you have acquired (negative or positive) is from that person you met the same day or last week. When you play sex with a person, you may end up receiving negative charges of energy, without knowing. This person may, for example, contaminate your own energy with a spiritual back or larva accompanying that person.

That could be the reason why you feel unwell these days

Many people report depressive states, sadness, or even health problems after they begin to get sexually involved with a person. Sharing your energy with that of a mean, angry, grumpy person can make you look the same. You may not realize it, but people will comment that you have changed. That’s why it’s important not to cast ancient magic spells to protect yourself from infiltration by such energies. When you have sex with a person, whether it is 1 time, 10 times, or 100 times, we exchange our energies. If both people are positive, the result will be positive. This is because once the sexual energy is exchanged, this bond is never extinguished, it is engraved in the Astral, it is stored the energetic memory. Forever, you will be connected to that person. If you would like to protect yourself from contamination by such energies, cast my ancient magic spells and you will be fully protected.

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